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How can I receive an Estimate?

Each case will be studied by our engineering team. If you would like to receive an estimate on your water, waste water system, lake area... (with ADS®, Bacta-Pur®, Epaeration and/or Aquamats® systems) please fill out these request forms:

Waste Water Treatment : Request form #1
Lake and reservoir : Request form #2
Ice Metling : Request form #3
Aquaculture : Request form #4

And also contact us : Project description to PNW

If you need to refill your Bactivator® :

Bacta-Pur® refill : Request form #5

You can also contact Paradise NW at this number : 1-877-398-7665. Or just send us an e-mail, we would be glad to provide you with references, case histories, independent comparative studies, articles, product literature and no obligation estimates.

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